Graduation Projects in Berlin
The exhibition "Graduation Projects in Action" will go to Berlin

The Cieszyn Castle for the first time will attend at DMY International Design Festival Berlin with the exhibition "Graduation Projects in Action. DMY Berlin 2012", to show the most interesting graduation projects from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

This exhibition not presented only  the best projects in Central and Eastern Europe, but also is enriched with activities, workshops, discussions, actions for visitors organized by the young designers.

At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young, experimental designers launch new products, prototypes and foresighted projects.

The exhibition is accompanied by a wide program of symposia, designer-talks and workshops, able to reflect current topics of contemporary design and to reveal necessary future trends of design and its related disciplines. Furthermore DMY yearly assigns the DMY Awards for excellent projects.

Even more pleased that the organizers recognized the potential of review of the best graduation projects and invited the Cieszyn Castle to participate in the Festival. This invitation gives young designers from Central and Eastern Europe opportunity to present their ideas in the international arena.

"Graduation Projects IN ACTION" in Berlin, 6-10.06.2012.

Partners of the exhibition:

Zamek Cieszyn (Poland)
2+3d Kwartalnik Projektowy (Polska)
Gallery ZERO in Berlin (Germany)
Typo Magazine (Czech Rpublik)
Articsók Studio, Kft. (Hungary)
1977 (Slovakia)