We design possibilities
The development of innovative enterprises by exploiting the potential of design – this is the goal that’s driven us for over nine years. At Zamek Cieszyn we’re convinced that design is an effective tool for increasing the competitiveness of businesses, institutions, towns, cities and regions.
The design workshops to which we invite experienced design experts from the whole of Europe and the United States enjoy international acclaim. We encourage local businesses to take part in meetings of the Enterprise Club, and members of local government and the media, designers and entrepreneurs from the whole of Poland to take advantage of our practical courses, consultations and the location itself, which is an attractive tourist destination.
We present modern design and architecture during exhibitions not seen anywhere else in Poland, and you can also see traditional craft appearing in remarkable new roles. Another of our assets is the attractive location right on the Poland-Czech border and close proximity to the most beautiful architectural treasures of Cieszyn Silesia: the 11th-century Romanesque Rotunda of St. Nicholas; the 12th-century Keep; and the 14th-century Piast Tower, the highest viewing point in Cieszyn.
At the Zamek we believe that design solves problems and designers can offer suggestions about transforming our closest surroundings in order to make our lives better. The Zamek is a great promoter of the idea of Design for All, which involves keeping physical, social and cultural differences in mind. Since 2010 we have been the home of the Professor Michał Oźmin Institute of Design for All and we are the custodians of the EIDD Design for All archive. We support any ideas which can improve the quality of public space and services.
Zamek Cieszyn is the name we have been using since January 2011 (we were previously called: the Silesia Castle of Art and Enterprise) when we transformed ourselves into a centre of research and documentation into material culture and design.